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Book: FBI Vs. Aryan Nations

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The violent and racist world of neo-Nazi and white supremacist organizations in the U.S. is exposed in all its paranoia in a new book that particulars how a dangerous group was infiltrated in the 1990s by a 350-pound former biker.

Whatâ??s unique is that the narrative is told from two points of view: that of the FBI unique agent in Domestic Terrorism, Tym Burkey, and that of his informant, Kentucky-born Dave Hall.

How FBI Recruits Informants

FBI Unique Agent Tym Burkey, who was based in Dayton, Ohio, recruits Dave Hall with a promise of getting his sentence on a drug felony decreased. Burkey asks Hall, a martial-arts black belt, to spy on Pastor Ray Redfeairn, a criminal who heads the Church of Jesus Christ Christian.

Redfeairn is a rabble rouser who frequents a biker-gang bar called Ikes in Dayton. On Sundays he preaches hate to members of Free Microsoft Points Aryan Nations, the Klu Klux Klan and other white supremacist, paranoid crazies.

Odd Couple Against Terrorism

Hall turns out to be a decent man who loves his girlfriend and his dog Garyâ?¦ and who has a close to-photographic memory. Burkey is a conscientious officer who sincerely desires to cease bad guys. This odd couple slowly forges a special friendship as Hall tends to make contact with Redfeairn and becomes his confidant. It is supposed to be a short-term assignment but a lot more than a year goes by as Hall gathers info on how groups program terrorist action in the wake of Tim McVeighâ??s Oklahoma City bombing.

The strongest component of the book shows how Hall struggles to cling to his hold on reality even as he trains to turn into an ordained minister in Redfeairnâ??s church. But he becomes isolated from most of his family members and starts to rely on vodka and Free Microsoft Points prescription drugs to ease his anxiety. His individual beliefs are at odds with the neo-Nazis group but he pretends to adopt them,

Dancing with the Devil

The point of the book, written with crime specialist Katherine Ramstand, is that if you dance with the devil, â??the devil doesnâ??t alter, the devil changes you,â? as Hall quotes an old Appalachian saying.

After Hallâ??s dog falls ill and ought to be place to sleep, Hall suffers bouts of insomnia, night terrors, and panic attacks. But he cannot back out. Can Burkey conserve his informant ahead of a planned assassination? Is domestic terrorism as significant a threat as Al Qaeda? Read the book and find out.

Into the Devilâ??s Den: How an FBI Informant Got Inside the Aryan Nations and a Particular Agent Got Him Out Alive,by Dave Hall and Tym Burkey, with Katherine Ramsland. Ballantine Books, 397 pages, $ 25.

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