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Come Recognition: Come Retribution’s Gaddy

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For factors unfathomable to me, the least recognized co-writer of the 1988 groundbreaking book â??Come Retribution: The Confederate Secret Service and the Assassination of Lincolnâ? which was written by retired Brigadier Basic William Albert Tidwell with Researcher Extraordinaire James O. Hall and David Winfred Gaddy is ex-Analyst of the National Safety Agency and the former First Director of the National Cryptologic Museum, Mr. Gaddy. Where the late fantastic Messrs. Tidwell [1918-1999] and Hall [1912-2007] continue to be cited to date, Gaddy is seemingly a ideal kept secret when it comes to significant study of spies and scouts of the American Civil War by students and scholars of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

To date David Winfred Gaddy, possessing drawn upon his own clandestine profession and covert experiences, has published a keynote speaker half dozen or so quite nicely-written comply with-up articles in regard to the treasure trove inside Come Retribution. Most interestingly, even so, is the truth that Mr. Gaddy wrote Gray Cloaks and Daggers which initial made public the existence of the Confederacyâ??s Secret Service Bureau and the Confederate Secret Line and Signal Corps thirteen years prior to the publishing of Come Retribution!

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My personal initial expertise with Gaddy’s solo authorship was his brilliant essay Below A Southern Rose: Of A Time When â??CIAâ?? Meant Confederate Intelligence Activities thathe delivered as the keynote speaker for the Alexandria Library Annual Lecture at the historic St. Paulâ??s Episcopal Church in February of 1989, and which functions Mr. Gaddy at his descriptive best:

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