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Douglas F4D Skyray: Distinctive U.S. Navy Fighter

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The carrier-based, single seat aircraft, which also saw service with the Marine Corps, was created to meet the 1947 Navy require for an interceptor that could shoot down enemy planes at 15,240 m (50,000 ft).


The job of making the F4D fell to veteran Douglass designer Ed Heinemann. Adhering to the Navyâ??s request that the fighter be built according to the styles of German pioneer, delta wing, tailless aircraft researcher Alexander Lippish, Heinemann gave the F4 its wide, rounded triangular wings and no tail.

Initially, the Skyray was to be propelled by the Westinghouse J40 turbojet, but difficulties with the engine led to its replacement with the more potent Pratt &ampWhitney J57.

The development and prototype construction was one particular of the most guarded military secrets of the post war how to file bankruptcy period.

When the similarity to a Manta ray fish were seen the Skyray name was a given. Pilots nicknamed it the â??Fordâ?.


Even though it was well known that the F4D was an unstable craft, it was initial deployed in 1956, after five years of tests. The airplanesâ?? initial service was with the VC-three Naval Squadron, the only Navy unit in NORAD.

The F4D, which was ultimately, renamed F6A, saw service with 21 Navy and Marine squadrons.

Nonetheless, its restricted role as a high altitude interceptor and control issues limited the F4Dâ??s service life. It was retired from active duty in 1964. The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), the organization that would grow to be NASA, kept 4 for experimental purposes. They were withdrawn in 1969.

Other Specifics

For its time, the F4D was how to file bankruptcy a effectively armed plane. It featured 4 200 mm Colt Mk12 cannons and pods for unguided rockets of numerous sizes. The Skyray could also be fitted with four Sidewinder missiles and two 907 Kg (2,000 lb) bombs.

By present day standards, the F4Ds avionics were meager: APQ 50 low bombing radar and Aero 13F fire-control radar.

Grumman came up with a comparable but longer model, the F5D Skylancer. It was an improvement more than the Skyray, but the Navy did not acquire it for political causes and because it paralleled the mission of other existing fighters.

A total of 442 aircrafts were built Right now, eight Skyrays survive. They are all residing in military museums. Not one particular F4D ever saw combat.


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