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Gas Burner

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Gas burner is also referred to as as stove burner or gas stove burner. We have made gas burners for years in China, so usually wanted to write an post for burner buyers to understand about all problems associated with gas burners.

Gas Burner Application

Gas burners are the fuel gas combustion devices, which make the fuel gas and air separately or mixed into the combustion zone to obtain steady combustion. The fuel gases incorporate acetylene, natural gas or propane. Gas burners are broadly utilized in residential and industrial places, from ordinary kitchen stoves to hospitals, restaurants, outdoor barbecues, industrial furnaces and boilers and so forth.

Gas Burner Sorts

There are hundreds varieties of gas burners. We just can list some of them, such as portable stove burner, outdoor gas burner, natural gas burner, propane gas burner, burner head, huge burner, modest burner, star burner, single gas burner, rectangular stove burner, wok gas burner, camping gas burner, double gas burner, fireplace gas burner, portable gas stove burner, lp gas burner, commercial gas burner, butane gas burner etc.

Gas Burner Material

According to our experience, the most of gas burners will use the gray cast iron ASTM A48 Class20 or Class30, but seldom Class35. Why, since the modest fire vent holes need to have machining, if the hardness of material is as well high, it will be tough to drill. You can not evaluate these holes with other regular holes, drilling on the tiny buttons will be much far more tough. In addition, the strength of class20 ought to currently be sufficient for the application.

If you want to discover the specifics about these material degrees by other requirements, such as Germany, Japan, UK or ISO, please verify here material comparison of gray cast iron.

ASTM A48 Class 20 is equal to GG15, HT150, FC150, ISO150.
ASTM A48 Class 30 is equal to GG20, HT200, FC200, ISO200.
ASTM A48 Class 35 is equal multirae gas monitor to GG25, HT250, FC250, ISO250.

Some buyers could select the larger degree to get stronger components, we do not recommend this practice. Greater degree will lead to much more difficulty for production, and so higher defective price, and so for larger charges. As for the gas stove burners, the more than-higher tensile strength is unnecessary.

Gas Burner Casting Process

According to our expertise, we recommend two casting processes for making the gas burners. One particular is green sand for the shell, and resin sand for the core. We produced the core by shell molding procedure, which implies we produced the pre-coated resin sand core, then use the typical floor molding with green sand for creating the outdoors shell. In the way, the inside surfaces are very good, and outside surfaces are regular. This method can meet your requirements by the lowest production costs. Of course, the green sand must be really fine, regular coarse sand is unacceptable.

An additional process is making each of the shell and core by pre-coated resin sand and shell molding procedure. In the way, both inside and outside surfaces are very good, but just higher production fees. So, the buyers need to pick the suitable casting procedure according to the particular application.

Gas Burner Machining

The only situation about gas burner machining is the machining to the fire vent holes. Occasionally, there are dozens to hundreds of fire vent holes on the gas burners. They need drilling. If you are failed to drill one particular of them, then this gas burner will be failed, consequently, the drilling is not an effortless operate as your thought. Dandong Foundry utilised many small drilling machines to drill them. There are several workers had been just in charge of drilling these modest holes each day.

Gas Burner Patterns

As for the casting patterns of gas burners. According to our encounter, we recommend to use the iron patterns for producing the resin cores, and use the multirae gas monitor aluminum patterns for producing the shells of gas burners. However, for the far better outside surface high quality, you ought to take into account to use the resin sand for the shells, then you have to use the iron patterns for the shells. All in all, metal patterns are essential for the gas burners.

Gas Burner Surface Coating

There are several types of surface coating for the gas burners. One is the black heat-resistant painting, one more is the normal black painting, which is less costly than heat-resistant panting, the third type coating is using the anti-rust oil. The heat-resistant painting is the most pricey coating, it is about .23 to .25 USD/kg. If your gas burner is weight 1kg, then its heat-resistant painting is about .23 to .25 USD/pcs.

Gas Burner Suppliers

Even though many iron foundries can make gas burners, but not all of them could make them by low costs and make them extremely well. It is mostly due to the fact they ought to use the fine sands and need to have the experiences to drilling so a lot of and small holes. Most essential of all, they must be extremely careful during the casting, cleaning and machining processes. Any sloppy operation will result in the failure. For that reason, it is challenging to discover a great gas burner supplier.

Gas Burner Costs

The costs of gas burners are mostly associated with the unit weight (specially the rough casting weight), the numbers of vent holes, the complexity of structure, and the surface top quality of outdoors surfaces.

Gas Burner Defects

The major defects of gas stove burners are will the sand holes on the surfaces, usually allowable for 2mm diameter and 1mm depth sand holes, and the damage of vent holes, and the dirty surfaces with sand residues. Please notice that usually welding is not permitted because the stove burners ought to be air proof.

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