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Platform Lifts

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Disabled access gear explained: The ins and outs of platform lifts

Unless you are in a wheelchair your self you may possibly not be overly familiar with platform lifts. Nonetheless they form a crucial element of disabled access provision in buildings all over the country. The installation of the likes of platform lifts and other devices such as ramps and energy assisted doors is not just very good practice – it is the law! If you run a organization or manage a property a lack of accessibility support for disabled customers could price you dearly so you could want to read on…

Platform lifts, otherwise known as wheelchair lifts, are made for a smooth transition between distinct floor levels for men and women in wheelchairs. Numerous models are supposed to be operated by the disabled customers themselves so have buttons and controls in proper places but some are created to be controlled by trained personnel.

The reality of the matter is that if you do not offer enough adjustments such as platform lifts for disabled men and women you are breaking the law. Access to buildings has been a basic portion of disability discrimination legislation for a few years now. Given that October 2004 the Disability Discrimination Act has stipulated that employers have to make sensible adaptions to the physical characteristics of their premises to overcome physical barriers to access. This incorporates factors like platform lifts. In other words wheelchair lifts are legally necessary installations to make in a lot of circumstances.

Exactly where can I go for platform lifts?

Like with all forms of disabled access provision, acquiring a single of the many platform lifts on the marketplace can be tricky.

You do following have to comply with building regulations so your installation has to comply with these. Consequently you need to enlist the services of a specialist firm to preside more than the job.

One particular firm which specialises in putting in platform lifts and prides itself on supplying wheelchair and disability access which is efficient and easy to operate can be identified at the appropriately named Go to the web site today to peruse a terrific choice of adaptable wheelchair lifts. If you are searching for platform lifts you will not leave empty handed.

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