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Spiritualized Live, Vancouver Commodore Ballroom

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In the back sit a keyboard player and a drummer. Itâ??s a rather stripped-down stage set up for a band typically known for taking enormous choirs and walls of sound with them on the road, and the sparseness functions. At times, as they say, much less is much more.

Sadly nevertheless, much less is not a lot more for the Commodore Ballroom, which tonight is only half-filled with the devout and a crowd far too earplugs young to bear in mind the bandâ??s crowning, 90s glories Lazer Guided Melodies, Pure Phase and Ladies &amp Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space. Itâ??s a Saturday night and even though droney minor-chord noiseniks Mogwai drew a full residence the weekend previous, these essential darlings are searching at the glass half empty.

Jason Pierce and Incredible Grace

Or is it half full? Certainly, Jason wanders on stage uncharacteristically smiling and clapping at the crowd. earplugs Even the kids in the front look content material hearing tracks from Incredible Grace (like the titular set opener which revs from gentle to complete throttle into â??You Lie You Cheatâ? from the bandâ??s newest, Songs in A&ampE). Itâ??s not the greatest Spiritualized disc by a extended shot, but lets face it, newer fansâ?? memories have a shorter shelf-life.


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  1. Pink says:

    Any song sung by Chris Tomlin. His voice is soothing and beautiful.

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