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Turn out to be a Retail Pharmacy Technician

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A larger quantity of prescriptions are getting filled each year in the United States to accommodate the rising demand for medications. Aside from regional drug retailers, pharmacies can be discovered in significant grocery and retail chains. Most of these huge retailers consist of pharmacies staffed with pharmacists, cashiers, and technicians. According to the United States Division of Labor, employment for pharmacy technicians is expected to increase 31 percent amongst the years 2008 -2018.

Pharmacy Technician Salary

Full time pharmacy technicians employed in retail settings can earn typical yearly salaries of $ 26,660. Technicians with formal education, experience, or certification may earn even a higher rate. Salaries and other rewards will vary depending on the employer.

Pharmacy Technician Duties

Technicians assist the pharmacist with the day-to-day operations of the pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians might be responsible for data entry, prescription filling, ordering medications, offering client service, and other different responsibilities. Specific technician duties will vary according to person state regulations and guidelines.


Certain states might require pharmacy technician certification prior to employment. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) and the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians (ICPT) are nationally accredited organizations delivering certification for pharmacy technicians. Each and every state has a Board of Pharmacy that can be contacted to establish if certification is necessary prior to employment. In states that do not call for prior certification, the employer may possibly spend for study materials and test costs if technicians make a decision to pursue certification after employment.

New Pharmacy Technicians

The best way to inquire about pharmacy technician openings is to ask the pharmacy straight. Pharmacy technician openings will not constantly be listed on online job searches. Contacting the pharmacy directly might provide details about possible openings as effectively as existing possibilities.

Present Shop Staff

In some cases, store staff in distinct departments may want to join the pharmacy group as a technician. It would be advantageous for these staff to pursue every opportunity to turn into familiar with the pharmacy. Throughout busy hours, pharmacies might ask for support from other departments to assist cashier. The pharmacy team will likely remember employees who have assisted out in the pharmacy and express interests in a pharmacy technician position.

Technician Application Tips

The pharmacy handles restricted and regulated medications. Applicants are necessary to have records free of charge of criminal offenses. The pharmacy is mostly accountable for offering healthcare and interest in health connected fields would be an attribute. Employment requirements and eligibility will differ by state and employer. Several states will call for technicians to register with the state Board of Pharmacy upon employment.

Pharmacy technicians are an crucial element of the pharmacy team. The roles of pharmacy technicians need to continue to expand as demand for drugs and well being care continues to grow.


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